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The Journey Of Samson Pyne

His career as a bodyguard for a famous musician is over. The man whom he was hired to protect is dead. An attempted suicide halted by divine interference, memories of an unreconciled past, and a family thrown into disarray have pushed him past the breaking point; Samson Pyne needs answers that only his former life as a bodyguard can provide.

But his nation is at war and messing with the past can be a dangerous business; especially when that past was left behind for a reason by an organization with one mission: to protect the future at any cost.

Will Pyne get the answers he seeks? Or will something that isn’t human put an end to his suffering first?


Read about writing The Journey of Samson Pyne:


Misunderstood believed in a world that did not exist. Csy is a destroyer of worlds. Then there is Sorrow. But what defines the world when strange occurrences too unique to merely be coincidence happen? Is there more to this world than we know? Could there be intelligent parallel existences? A novel set across countries and time, linked to interspecies politics, Misunderstood, follows the life of a new adult trying to come to terms with an unexplained past and an uncertain future.


Misunderstood Review Quote:

"In Misunderstood by Alan S. Garrett we are presented with a story that encourages us to see the world we inhabit in new ways just as we learn to examine our lives (and life itself) from differing perspectives. The title seems to this reader to be appropriate, letting the reader know the main dominating ideology that will be at work in the novel.... There are clearly some important philosophical barriers being worn away throughout this book and the reader is challenged in many different areas."

2nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published eBook Awards Judge


Read author commentary on Misunderstood:


Frosty's Run

Frosty the dog is a red heeler who loves to take a run around the ranch each morning. Read about Frosty's morning adventure or listen to the author read the story to you as Frosty runs, swims, and jumps through the air.



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A Journey Into Totality

Alan travels to Missouri to witness a total solar eclipse from the center line and visits Hannibal, Missouri, once the boyhood home of literary legend, Mark Twain.


"Casting Shadows"

Two pictures combined as one: A picture Alan took through his telescope of the total solar eclipse has been blended with a picture he took of a statue dedicated to Mark Twain by the state of Missouri; taken during sunrise. 

Eclipse picture taken August 21, 2017
Sunrise picture taken August 23, 2017


Read about "A Journey Into Totality" via Alan's blog posts:


A few shared images from Alan's personal collection:

IMG_0071 2.jpg

A Journey Into Totality 

View Images From The Trip

Video Recorded and Edited by Alan From The 2017 Eclipse:

Short Version:

Long Version


Links of Interest:


Hannibal, Missouri

Visit Mark Twain's Boyhood Hometown


Serenity Valley Winery

Site of 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Viewing Event


The Great River Road

Hannibal, Missouri to St. Louis, Missouri


Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis

Tour the Basilica & View A Reproduction of The Saint John's Bible


Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

Tour an Ancient Site Known Today As Cahokia

IMG_1657 2.jpg

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Visit Eureka Springs

IMG_1695 3.jpg

Thorncrown Chapel

Tour the Chapel