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A Fictional Story Behind The Music

Transmission Future is the name of a corporation seeking applicants for future space missions beyond Earth's orbit.  Their recruiting slogan is, "We are trying to reach you from the future."  (A lyric from the first track, "Transmission Future.")

Children are chosen and trained by the corporation for what may be the only trip to Mars.  "Sailing Into the Sky" is about the wonder on the faces of the children cadets during their first flight into Earth's atmosphere.

"Happy To See You Now" is about the children who are now adults completing their training and being introduced to the public on a publicity tour prior to launch from a spaceport on Earth to the orbiting spaceship built for the journey to Mars.

Syd, the youngest of the astronauts chosen for the mission, is also the weakest link.  Though bright, he has struggled to keep up.  Rains fall in "Kamikaze Spaceman" as the vehicle carries him to the launch site.  Hard times have riddled his training but the love of another teammate has pulled him through.   He now views the mission as his destiny and during a day to follow climbs aboard the transport that launches the team into space to dock with their spaceship.

Arriving at Mars, the landing craft undocks and lands on the martian surface.  All members of the crew are experiencing psychotic symptoms due to the long journey.  The final blow comes when one scientist discovers there was life on Mars and it completely consumed the planet's resources.  The same life is now consuming Earth and human beings are but one form of it.  This is the "Martian Wheel."  The madness of this discovery causes the crew to turn on each other, leaving Syd the sole survivor.

Damaged during the internal struggles of the crew, the spaceship limps home with Syd at the helm.  "Pale Blue Dot" is the tale of Syd's lonely journey home.  Tragically, however, the ship begins to disintegrate as it re-enters Earth's atmosphere.  Although there is an emergency escape pod, it is destroyed as well when Syd does not get the hatch closed in time.

As a tribute to the last survivor of the crew, "A Song For Syd" is composed and played at the funeral service for all those who gave their lives in the name of exploration.