Sifting Through The Noise

Sunrise, each day brings something new to discover on Garrett Ranch.  Golden Aster spread widely over a field this summer.  Combined with the sunrise the other day it made for a beautiful picture.  Unfortunately, it is invasive to the fields in that it reduces the amount of grass the cattle have to feed on considerably.

A few new friends visited me at the cabin.  Thinking about writing a new children’s book about them and other critters I have encountered on the Ranch over the years.  The following are a some pictures of a few of them.

A long, soaking rain finally fell over the weekend.  The rain gauge at the center of the Ranch recorded two inches which is the most received here in a very long time.  I am anxious to get out and see if the ponds caught much water.  Usually they do not unless the rains come in extreme downpours of more than 3 inches at a time.  These days that has become a rare event.

On another note, I was sitting down staring up at an outdoor ceiling fan the other day, watching the slightest of breezes coming from the west spinning the blades of the fan around.  Through an open window I could hear a clock tick-tocking away.  It reminded me of sitting with my grandmother at her home so many years ago.  I remembered that sound well between the silence of our conversations and the weekly Dallas Cowboys games she enjoyed watching.

As I sat there in the silence of the moment I thought about how much noise there is in the world today.  I don’t know what else to call it really, other than noise.  Noise from some political ridiculousness I overhear, noise from  all the negativity on the news these days, noise from all the crazy amount of hours kids invest in video games (of which as an adult I have been known to partake in from time to time).  

The noise I am referring to isn’t really about a sound, it's more like something that obscures something else.  Fluctuations that were once random in the system of society seem to have become the norm and that bothers me a little.  So many people seem to have so much on their plate they don’t have time to digest anything they’ve eaten.  Instead, many seem more concerned with how much “food” can be put on the plate in front of them than its quality.  

The Information Age doesn’t seem to have any direction.  I can’t help but wonder if society’s architects shouldn’t be working toward an Information Digestive Age, or perhaps better said, an Information Data Mining Age, where the the real nutrients and resources are extracted and utilized for the energy they are worth, now that so much information has been amassed.

I realize a world without noise, to date, has been impossible and I don’t think the “noise” should be ignored.  It is perhaps, after all, that within those irregular fluctuations meaningful data can be obtained and measured, even if those fluctuations are seen as trying to obscure the transmissions.

Energy is necessary for survival.  Inspiration is an artist’s energy.  Reduce the noise, but don’t ignore it.