How I enjoy the first series of cold fronts, the changing daylight hours, and the scenery that comes along with it.  Some weeks back the first norther blew through Garrett Ranch bringing a cloud bank, some rain, and eventually severe bronchitis.  Being sick kinda puts a damper on enjoying watching the leaves change.

First to change are the hickory trees whose leaves turn golden.  Within days thereafter, leaves of the red oaks also begin to turn as do the sumacs, and the bois d’ arcs.  The pecan tree leaves eventually begin to change as do the mesquite leaves.

As the winds continue to escalate and the nights remain colder, the leaves begin to fall, filling the stream beds and piling up in every nook and cranny they can find.  The only plants remaining alive in my square foot garden beds are the strawberries and onions.

Despite the best efforts of the cold air, the warmer climate is still hanging on here.  Its been cold enough to freeze back the plants, but the days have been warm enough to keep the annual lighting of the wood stove from occurring.

Deer hunting season is also underway.  The first day of deer season, while taking Frosty for his morning run I saw four bucks.  Two of them were fighting, the others were looking for doe or trying to stay away from the hunters.  One eight-point buck charged Frosty, Frosty charged back, the deer turned and ran the other way.  Some looked like the ones that arrived at the feeder earlier last year.

 The temps are a welcome relief from the many over 105 degree days of summer.   I just hope warmer temps don’t mean too much volatility in future weather patterns like we are beginning to see across the country.  (All photos by Alan S. Garrett)