From Constellations To Complex Multicellular Organisms

The sky is very clear this night/early morning. I haven't seen such a clear sky in a long time. The constellation of Orion is very distinct as it shines through the western window on the early morning of this winter solstice. I wish my tablet had a powerful enough camera to take an unaided picture.

Orion was the first constellation I remember learning about in an astronomy class many years ago. I was fascinated by the Orion Nebula the first chance I had to see it through a telescope. I still marvel at its glow with my Dobsonian telescope from time to time, though the dust has just about done the mirror in. This would have been a good night to have set a telescope out for a viewing.

Among the many interesting facts I read this week, I read that it would take the equivalent of a 130 megapixel camera to equal the vision our eyes have. As fast as technology advances these days, I can't imagine we are that far off from being able to take digital pictures of the same quality as our eyes see on a consumer level. Playing them back on a monitor capable of displaying such an image may be a different story.

The more I read about the biology of plants and animals the more I question order versus chaos. Patterns and laws both internal and external within environments are most likely formed or constrained by the elements they have to bond to on a molecular level, reflected on larger scales by what we think we consciously see and experience. The deeper science dives into the ways biological systems operate the clearer the picture becomes of just what billions of years to form the universe we currently understand and what led to the existence of our world of biological systems really means. From atoms to cells to complex multicellular organisms arisen from chaotic backgrounds takes a long time in the world of time as perceived by the current human lifespan.

I can recall a time when I wondered if the world might end on this date. Thankfully, that was a long time ago. I could not have imagined sitting here now with a touch screen tablet device back then...well that's not true. I did imagine such devices in the future, but then I also imagined Moon colonies and some sort of human presence on Mars and multiple submarine robots exploring Europa by now.