Paths To Go By

Somewhere in the state of Washington I pulled to the side of the road to look back.  Traveling over a long distance can do that, cause one to pause from time to time; reflect on where one has been and to think about where one is going.  

I have often wondered what "we" are doing here, on this planet.  What is the purpose of our existence?  What niche do "we" fill?  These were the thoughts that plagued me as I looked at the river, the set of railroad tracks, and the road behind me.  

To date, it seems that we are the grand assemblers.  So much assembled technology running our lives and soon to be running in our veins (search "biononics" for the fiction side, search "nanotechnology health" for some of the real-world applications being developed.  

Maybe our souls are simply riding the back of an evolving strand of DNA, like some microbe attached to a space exploration vehicle destined for another planet.  Who knows, perhaps the soul is simply a misnomer for the reality of what we really are in the end.

Eventually I stepped back in the truck and drove on.  It is important to remember where you come from, but it is even more important that you keep moving forward.


Photo by Alan S. Garrett