The Things We Do

I have to wonder sometimes if most of the things that happen to us can simply be explained by us doing these things to ourselves. I posted on Twitter (@karuotos) the other day, "When you blame others they are in control. When you accept responsibility, to whatever degree, you are in control." In terms of belief, it's easier to say, "It's in God's hands," or "The Devil made me do it," or even "It was aliens!" than it is to seek scientific explanations for the variables of the unknown. I'm not trying to compare God, or the Devil to aliens, at least not yet anyway; then again on some level, perhaps I am.

On another note, I've watched the local news for decades now, regardless of where I lived, and the broadcast almost always leads off with who did what to who. I get tired of it. Why is that new(s)? Hasn't that been going on forever? 

In Chapter 1, of my novel Wayward Saint, the protagonist named Misunderstood says, "[Observations] made me aware of one point of my limited perception, I tended to think of things on a human timescale." The statement to me is one recognition of the many, limited human perceptions about ourselves and our environment. Whether it's time or other perceptions it's important to acknowledge our limitations; then do everything in our power to overcome them.