Total Recall

I once watched this episode of Northern Exposure where along his snowy path back to the city Joel and Maggie take a break in this resort spa and almost never leave.  Now I don't remember if that is exactly how the story was set, only that in the end Joel and Maggie made it out of the spa and Joel did eventually make it back to the city.

It's easy to lose our way sometimes, to get lost in the resort spa rather than continue the trek through the snow towards a goal or destination.  I had plans to complete a novella last year and though there are many pages written, it is still incomplete. It is far easier to not do the difficult thing than it is to do it.

Take our nation's Congress for instance.  In my opinion, career politicians coupled to a dominating two-party system are ruining the integrity of the separation of powers held by the executive, legislative and judicial branches.  Dominating utilitarian agendas have all but wiped out the right of the individual vote representation.  Even during the presidential debates last year we got Republican versus Democrat when we are supposed to live in a democracy where everyone has a right to be represented.

With an estimated population of now more than 315 million, two primary political belief systems are not all that are out there.  When I voted for president last year there were names on the ballot that were not even represented in the debates and this bothered me.

I think somewhere along the snowy path, people got tired, checked into their own resort, and forgot about the destination.  They began to do what was easy and avoided what was the difficult thing to do for far too long. We the people are better than that. Our nation is better than that.

In this new year, my resolution is to complete my novella and to get back on the snowy path no matter how difficult the hike nor how deep the snow gets along the way until I reach my goal/destination.  My hope is that we as a people will get it together and when our national Congress isn't doing their job, if need beā€¦recall them all.