Inauguration Day

That moment when the sun first crests the eastern horizon. When the darkened shadows of the night recede in the orange, early morning light.

I sit here now watching the Presidential Inauguration. I am so proud to be a member of this great country, even though I once threatened to leave it.

I don't understand sometimes how I can be so angry at sectors of government and so proud at the same time to live in such a place. Yet I do, because I am an American living in 2013.

Sometimes I fail to recognize my age. Sometimes I play the part of a much younger, ignorant man than I should. But as I age, I wake up a little more to all that I, no, that we as a people have been given.

I wonder sometimes what reality I live in. Am I Liberal, Conservative, Republican, Democrat, Independent? Am I weak, am I strong and do I choose to believe in God and an afterlife or is this life all that there is? Maybe this doesn't matter as much as it once did to me.

Perhaps who we were, or where we come from, who I have been, or where I have come from, does not matter as much as who we are and for myself, what I choose to do each day with all that I have been given.

I may have gone far; I may go no further than the comfort of the cabin in which I currently live. What matters is how far I develop within, how educated as an adult I choose to become, and how best I can influence those around me.

May the sun always set on better human beings than when it rose, and may it always rise on an ever-improving nation.