Early in the morning is when my day begins.  I enjoy having the news read before the sun begins to rise, so that I can watch the colors change across the oak-covered hillsides and valleys.  Sometimes there are clouds in the sky that reflect an inner peace during such moments.

There are mornings when I have a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise, and others when I have tea instead.  Sometimes it is enough to simply stare out the window and to try to imagine all the animals within the forests either waking or going to sleep.

Life here is good, but has been a bit hectic for months now.  With Thanksgiving not far away and many preparations to make, I don’t see things slowing down until after the holidays.  A much needed four-inch rain fell over the last week, bringing the water level in the ponds up a bit, but no where near what is needed.

Unlike last year, the grass in the fields has held up well and there has been plenty for the cattle to eat.  Dove and turkey are regularly seen, though not so many deer.  With most of the summer birds having flown further south, I look forward to the arrival of Blue Jays.

The rains have been good to us here this year, but overall the drought marches on.  It has been a long time now since the ponds have been full and seems like forever since the fishing was good.

I can’t help but wonder if extreme environmental change is the driver behind most of the things I write. Reflections of these changes are clearly in my music hobby and in my writing as well.  In the search for where I belong within environmental change, I think back to lab experiments in college: the ones where I had to test for optimal living conditions for certain things;  finding a mean, or rather an average, value as well as survival extremes.  It took a while for me to recognize it, but that really is what I had been searching for all along in life.

Some people find their balance at the edge of life, on that precipice of pushing things to the limit.  There was a time in my life where that might have been me, but now I tend to find balance somewhere else: in a place where there isn’t too long a period of overcast skies or too long a period of drought.  Somewhere in between, where the fish in the filled ponds thrive, a place where the dove, the turkey, and the deer have plenty to eat.  Somewhere in the middle, where the temps provide for a good Thanksgiving and a few clouds provide for a good sunrise. That is where I currently belong.  A place where the winters aren’t too harsh and the summers don’t blister the greater portion of the planet.

Evolution is about extremes; sustaining is about balance.