The weeks are sailing by.  Early in the year I had time to write regularly, take a picture or two, and relax while reading books when I wanted.  These days I get up, eat breakfast, paint in the mornings, work on the yard, paint again in the evenings, finding a little time for a break in between.  Tornados and remodels sure can mess up an author’s life.

I have almost decided that I am not one of those authors that responds well to regularly set times for writing.  I can do that with reading, but writing is something I must do when inspiration hits: hence, why it is important to always have some device around to write with.

Time also has to be on my side.  Mostly I need time to think and assimilate what I have read each day.  Earlier in my life I could be doing other tasks while thinking about what I was going to write next in my book; these days I have to concentrate without interruption.

Finding balance is the key to so much of life.  There will always be experiences that offset the direction we intend to take.  It is important to focus on a planned path toward a goal and to return to that path and goal when things side track you. It is better to be an arrow flying toward a target than a BB bouncing around inside a shaking box.