The first hard freeze set in a few nights ago which meant firing up the old potbelly wood stove to warm the cabin up a bit.  The leaves on the trees have been falling continually like some slow, golden rain.  A southern breeze is now warming the air up again today.

As many of the plants die back, once again, I feel that the time for yearly reflection is beginning to set in.  It is time for me to begin to assess failures and accomplishments, so that I can improve on the next year's tasks.

This year a novel was readied for publication, a children's book was readied for publication, and revised drafts were completed for a novella.  The only barrier between sitting on a hard drive and publication for the first two are formalities that should be completed by June 2014.  I am really looking forward to introducing the world to the first book in a new series that took far too long to complete.

In the cold of winter I will begin the next novel, even though research is still on-going.  I am anxious to see where the next book leads, though I have a rough outline in my head for where it is headed.  I'm old enough now to know that no matter how well planned a future is, there are no guarantees that things will turn out the way one expects them to.  Sometimes it turns out to be for the best that way.

But when the world turns out to be exactly like one hoped for, that's when the magic happens: when the stars shine and the moon glows, when the sunsets and sunrises dazzle and the winds seem to dance across the fields of grass.

There are days when I miss the far away places I have visited, days when I wish I lived in those places, days when I am glad to be exactly where I am.  I think getting to a state of mind where magic happens means being able to be glad where ever one is, in mind, in body, in soul.  It means being thankful for what ever one has, however little or much that may be.

This early morning, as the shadowed tree line stands out against the changing sky.  I can't say that I am always glad to be where I am, or that I am satisfied with what I have, but can say that in this moment, I am exactly where I want to be.