While The Sun Still Shines

The coyotes have really been howling throughout the night lately.  A good cold front has dropped the temperature into the 30s at night here and the deer are on the move.  Frosty the dog has been scratching on the door, demanding a morning run around the ranch. At the back of the ranch he scared up a coyote which he chased for a good quarter mile or so before finally losing interest.

On the drive back to the cabin, a young buck stepped out from behind a pecan tree.  I stopped the vehicle and we stared at each other a bit before he jumped over a fence and into a tree line.  I've enjoyed watching the deer over the years and miss having a feeder near the cabin.

Thanksgiving is drawing near and I am looking forward to seeing so many family members again.  There is much to be thankful for in this world, even though at times it can be difficult to see it.  Life will always be a series of ups and downs.  As my father use to say, "It is better to make hay while the sun is shining." 

Remember to save while times are good because you never know what waits just around the corner.