The Good, The Bad, & The Smelly

Sorry folks, I am a bit late with my blog post this week. Frosty the dog decided to attack a skunk the day I intended to work on my blog and guess who got sprayed. Fortunately, it wasn't as bad for me as it was the dog, but yours truly had to clean the dog, haul off the dead skunk, and trash a new set of clothes. Life on the have to take the bad sometimes to enjoy the good.

Though it is the beginning of February, the grass is starting to grow, left-over onions in the garden beds from last year are putting up new shoots, flowers are starting to grow and buds on the fruit trees have swollen; guess it's also time to check the grapevines. Last year plants started growing early (early for what I have been used to); this year it seems even earlier.

My grandfather always thought the winter wasn't over until the buds on the mesquite trees broke open. My mother always says that there is always a bad spell the week before Easter. So far both have been proven right more than wrong on the years I paid attention.

I have been hearing birds that I tend to notice in the spring, but the swallows have yet to return. The bees have been out in force. Despite the rain to the south, very little has fallen here. Water in the ponds continues to evaporate; our favorite fishing hole has lost all its fish. Wichita Falls' primary source of water has almost fallen to 40%, which will push the city into stage 3 drought restrictions. Many people in and around the city are having water wells drilled into the aquifer.

In Plainview, Cargill idled its plant, for those who don't know, the plant is responsible for about 4% of our domestic meat supplies, and that's a loss of several thousand jobs. The Huffington Post had an article a few days ago that questioned whether or not the injection wells used by the oil and gas industry may be poisoning the water deep in the earth that we may some day need.

But enough of the gloom. The good news is that spring isn't far away and it will be time to fill the square-foot beds with vegetable plants. Hopefully the rains will also fall come springtime. Life on have to take the bad sometimes to enjoy the good.