Dust Free

Ah, yes, Spring Break.  That time of the year when one is supposed to enjoy a little time off.  Instead, this year, my Spring Break that began so wonderful quickly diverged into a comedy of errors filled with a vehicle breaking down multiple times, head and knee trauma for a sister in an accident, and oh yes, one real traveling gecko named Geiko.

Some of the nephews and a niece and I did manage to get at least one cold morning of fishing in.  The catfish in one pond showed up hungry for food as it is once again time to begin feeding them.  Frosty, after being declared basically geriatric by the vet, is still making his mile long morning runs in front of the truck I drive and also has no problem leaping three feet into the air trying to reach the returning turkeys who have fled into the tree tops.

I managed to get my square-foot garden beds in order and moved the potted apple trees into Frosty's kennel for protection from the wind.  I also built a new compost bin and started construction of a new flower bed. 

The ranch has received some rainfall.  But the widely swinging temperatures tend to keep things from growing much.  The birds are getting more active and the first swallow showed up a few weeks back.  There were many flocks of geese heading north flying overhead last week.  I hear there is a comet visible to the west just after sunset, but I have yet to see it.

Signs of Spring are approaching everywhere.  Daffodils are blooming, the japonica shrub is blooming as well.  Some of the plum trees are blooming and I expect the redbuds to begin to bloom the next week or so. (Correction, the redbuds began to bloom today.)

Despite the inadvertent experiences of the last few weeks, it was still good to take a few weeks off and after a rather serious 6+ weeks of concentration on writing the time off was welcome; so maybe things weren't so bad after all.  As Monday arrives, however, I will return to the editing and revising process on The Journey of Pyne and I look forward to it.  If there is any lesson to be learned it is simply to take what comes in stride.  Don’t be to overly-reactive to situations that develop.  Remember there is a lot to be learned from any experience.