Catching Up


I have heard that storms will form to the west later today (within hours as I write this) bringing hail and who knows what.  The temps will waiver from the the thirties to the sixties over the next few days.  Right now the winds are high, kinda like a storm is coming.  

Robins arrived a few days ago and though some of the flowers are beginning to bloom, the flora seems to be coming out a bit late this year compared to an early spring last year.  Yes, fellow American citizens, climatic change is upon us.

I’ve been catching up on reading as of late and find some reads incredibly enlightening and others down right frightening.  Be it the European Planck data about the known universe or the concept that an entire country without hardened electronics could be wiped out with an EMP blast from only a couple of nukes...and yes, I am completely against any further nuclear weaponry existing in any nation on this planet, especially considering the state of our current electronics and most of our power grid.

On another note life around the ranch is good.  The warming temps have me preparing for another long, hot, summer.  I am getting the difficult outside work done now and will leave only the maintenance for the summer tasks.  Frosty is moving a bit more slowly as we return from the 1/4 mile hike to the mailbox most days, as to be expected.  He still always advances with a smile on his face, despite the distance and his speed; I wish I could always do the same.

I will be skipping the summer writing conferences this year as I save for a major trip next year.  Sometimes one has to save now in order to spend later, unless you’re the American Government who can practice deficit spending.  Hey, why can’t I do that?  Call the credit card companies and say, “I need a boost to my credit because I am in deficit spending mode and oh, by the way, I will probably default on the credit you extend to me because I can’t decide which one of you to pay back when; because the internals of my brain are unable to come to any decisions due to the current state of my neurological process.  What do you mean you can’t extend my credit another month or two?  Isn’t it my credit after all?”

Ah, well.  Alas, I must digress.  I must leave what I don’t know to the people that claim to know.  Let my thoughts return to the ranch upon which I live, let my fingers return to the body from which they type, and my eyes to the screen upon which these words appear.  This is my world out among the oaks just as another’s world is their’s.  Let the storms blow through, let the rains fall, let the hail dent and break what it must; storms come, storms go.  Let the spring rains begin to fall.