Life's Good

Spring Sunrise

I’ve started work on my third book in a series.  This one will probably take a few years to complete as the research will be extensive.

I have learned over the past month of making grammar corrections, that correcting grammar is the one part of the writing process I don’t seem to enjoy.  I love writing the first draft; I have no problem with rewrites however long or short, but the grammar edits are a slow and boring process to me.  Perhaps if I made a better effort to not make as many mistakes, the process would not be as long as it is.

I currently think that while writing the first draft, it is more important to get the ideas down than for the grammar to be perfect.  Worry about the polish later, regardless of how slow or boring the polishing process may be.

In other news it has been a week of bipolar weather.  Freezing one night, sixties to seventies the following day.  A few days before, the highs were over a hundred in far south Texas and in the thirties to the north.  One evening the ranch is in the center of a possible tornado outbreak for a few hours, then only a possible hail storm a few hours later.  The pressure dips, the pressure rises.

Through all the madness, we did manage to receive much needed rain.  The ponds still have a long way to go before they are full, but in at least two ponds, I think the fish are going to survive.  Last weekend, some family members even managed to get in a successful turkey hunt.

It still seems strange to fire up the wood stove for heat in the early morning hours and then open the doors and windows to let the warm outside air in during the afternoon in April.  The last frost-free date here is now April 13th.  Considering the number of plants planted in the square-foot beds, pots, and baskets, I hope that holds true.

As the grass continues to grow back in the fields and the leaves on the trees continue their quest for sunlight, as the turkeys continue to gobble and the armadillos search for food, and even as, once again, Frosty gets sprayed by another skunk, life is good.