On Violence

Prayers to all affected by the bombings in Boston.

I have been upset at times by the political rhetoric of current members of our national Congress...upset enough to make a statement here and there. As Congress once again has failed in its duty, I want to address the real issue here in America: violence.

Violence on its many levels and its many forms is more persistent than ever. In my lifetime it has gone from something one occasionally hears about on the local news networks to filling the first 10 to 15 minutes of the local news broadcast every single night. We can start by stopping the glorification of violence. Why did popular television sway over the years from celebrating the good life of a sheriff in Mayberry to a television series for, of all people, Hannibal Lecter? When did soap opera ridiculousness become every day real life for so many? Why are crime dramas so popular?

If what I have read and if the documentaries I have seen are true, then the celebration of violence among a civilized society reaches its peak just before the collapse of that civilized society. Personally, I don't want to lose what we Americans have inherited from those who fled from earlier violence to form this nation. I do recognize there has always been some measure of violence that we have suffered even within our nation to get to where we are today. Take the bloodiest battle of them all, the Civil War for instance. What I question is this: what do we really want now?

Does the tree of liberty have to be continually refreshed with our fellow citizens blood on the streets of our cities? Do we want to continue to see the blood in our school hallways, our movie theaters, our churches, and more? I certainly don't. I don't even want it on the battlefields overseas or otherwise, on all sides of all nations, but there are some things beyond even a nation's control. Why aren't we capable of refreshing the tree of life, as it were, with knowledge rather than blood? When, in the hell violence creates, are we human beings going to recognize we are all human beings and stop the madness that seems to mandate we have to continually harm each other through insanity's war of one-upmanship? When are we, as a people on all sides, who claim to have spiritual souls, going to rise above the animal within and say "Enough is enough!"

The violence must stop, America. Let me say that again: The Violence Must Stop.

(After this was written there was a chemical explosion in West, Texas. I understand this was an accident and hope for the best for the town and those responders from outside.)