Where Characters Come From

I am a writer of fiction, learning to be a creator of worlds.  I amass information from a variety of genres, fiction and nonfiction, movies and television shows, academic and life experiences, and from that information I attempt to create something new.  My characters can live forever or die without much notice.  They may speak with profundity or trip consistently over their tongues.  Most of the time, as the author, I am in control, but sometimes the characters seem to have minds of their own, taking me to places I could not have imagined.  Yet, it is still my imagination where they are born.

Yes, the worlds within our minds as authors can be vast and numerous with possibilities as endless as the stars seem to be.  We are, after all, characters ourselves, born from multiple trillions of cells that make up our bodies.  Trillions of life experiences go on in real-time making us what we are, as we make the characters in our books what they are.  An interesting thought: what goes into the making of us goes into the making of them.