Forever Imagine

I was driving through the pasture thinking about perception, imagination, and how fast times are changing.  My perceptions about so much of the world have been revised through the passing of time.  Some music I listened to in my youth sounds almost silly to me now.  Movie special effects that were mind-boggling at the time really don’t look that good compared to the most recent computerized effects.  Occasionally I see a remake with a different take on an original idea that leaves me in awe.

But with books, well, that is a different story altogether.  Most well written novels are as pleasing to read the second time around as the first, and I have been doing some of that lately.  There are ideas within stories that I didn’t get as a child that I understand as an adult and in some cases, silliness that I totally comprehended as a child that I now find comedically frustrating to understand.

Though art may age, the imagination stays young forever.