Road Map

I’ve entered crunch time for my novel. Although I consider it as complete as it can be, I re-read it weekly searching for those last mistakes. I’ve also started pushing it through the compiling process in search of formatting issues and to see how it reads on a tablet.

Stacks of previous versions of the novel sit on a shelf, hand edited notes on every page. This novel has come a long way in the years it took to write. What began on a IBM PC clone and monochrome monitor using MultiMate word processing software is finally drawing to a close on a modern Apple device. What a journey!

Over the last couple of years I’ve read and listened to agents repeatedly say they would not touch a book that took this long to write. Whether the book is good or not doesn’t matter as much as how long it will take to produce the next one. This is my reason for self-publishing this novel, my first.

This book began as a hobby; but it’s become a series that I hope to turn into a career. I’ve already completed a second draft for what will be an addendum to the series. It is a novella about a minor character that refused to be unheard in the first novel. It doesn’t add much new to what will become the series, but it does manage to add a different point of view on part of the story. I wrote the Journey of Pyne to prove to myself whether or not I wanted to write for a living. The novella will be released next year.

Between the first novel, Misunderstood, and the novella, The Journey of Pyne, the general framework is now in place for the series; that was the goal. Beginning next year I will map out the next phase for the series and continue the intensive research for the next novel that I have already starting writing.

I also plan on devouring every piece of information I can afford to get from Writer’s Digest as well as iTunes U. In the past, I have found webinars to be very informative. As important as the story is, a writer must strive to improve on the mechanics as well.