Cool Mornings

I am sitting out on a wooden deck listening for voices in the still air.  A dove flies fast towards another cooing in some oak tree behind me.  A vehicle passes down the dirt road a half mile away sounding like an aircraft flying high over head.  A hummingbird buzzes by on his way to the flower-filled hanging baskets and reminds me the feeders need to be filled.  Water gurgles and splashes in the small goldfish pond.

Click, click, click, click go the nails on the red heeler's paws as he walks across the wooden planks towards me.  He takes a lick of the edge of my cell phone as I attempt to type.  Unsatisfied, Frosty moves around and sniffs my ear.  Before his morning run around the ranch this would be a move to get me out of my chair, but on this morning he has already been, so these actions are signs of pure happiness.

Most of the plants in the vegetable garden made it through the summer, a relatively mild summer compared to last year.  The plants had flowering issues when the temps rose into the high 90s and 100s... as to be expected.  I wonder how much longer it will be before we humans turn to indoor farming in skyscrapers out of necessity.

I listened to the audiobook The Ocean at the End of the Lane, an excellent read by the way.  A couple of days ago, I watched the movie Europa Report and the whole time kept thinking of that movie quote from 2010 that said something about other worlds belonging to humans, stay away from Europa.  I am really glad to see all the science fiction movies that have been released this year.  In a world that could be so easily lost by living in the past, it is important to strive toward the future.

The pecan crop looks good this year.  The grapes did not do so well, however, mostly my fault for not keeping them pruned correctly last year.  With the exception of a new roof that will soon be installed, the cleanup from the tornado back on May 15th of this year is complete.

This has been a good year here on the ranch.  I have missed not traveling much, but it's difficult to be upset about it when there was a time that this ranch is where I traveled to, to get away from the grind of city life.  I don't know that I was cut out for long term life in the city.  The conveniences were amazing but the pollution, noise, and stress just weren't for me.  

I'll take the stars, peace, and, for the most part, the quiet life for as long as I can.  The birds are really starting to sing, the cattle are calling and even with the cloud cover, I know it's going to start warming up soon.  Time to move indoors and get back to studying books on how to be a better writer.  Enjoy your week.