Perspective & Information

"Alone With A Cloud"

Driving down an empty highway across the southern plains,  I can't help but notice the sky that stretches from horizon to horizon.  As the debate continues over whether or not the Voyager spacecraft has officially left our solar system,  I think from the spacecraft's perspective,  I am smaller than a particle on this pale blue dot of a planet.

Perspective can be difficult to master.  Being human tends to mean viewing things on human terms and on human timescales.  We tend to try to cram everything we can into a single lifetime.

When I write for my series, Wayward Saint, I try to imagine a world that could outlast me.  Because this series is in its infancy, I realize there will be errors along the way.  Sometimes timelines will not quite line up as they should and characters will not always conform to what is expected of them.  Regardless, I do my best to consistently improve my work.  

I think, being human means accepting our errors while always striving to improve.  In anything we choose to do we should follow this mantra: make the best decisions we can at the time we must make them, based on the information we have acquired to date.

Better information will allow us to adjust our definition of the location of the solar system boundary.  We all need to adjust the perspective in our lives and in our art as we accumulate better information.  The quality of information will always be the key that defines our lives.