The first geese flew over the ranch last Saturday morning (September 7th, 2013).  I was astonished because it seemed early for them to already be this far south.  Maybe that means it won’t be a warm winter here; maybe I better stock up on firewood.

Geese have visited the ranch during the fall and early spring months as far back as I can remember.  Some spend a little time at the biggest pond on the ranch and occasionally stay long enough to have little ones.  It is quite a sight when many fly over, and even more so when they land and stay for a visit, however brief it may be.

Whereas geese migrate to follow the food supply, I think most people today move to find better living and working conditions.  There are writers who migrate from genre to genre until they find one that fits.  I do not know that I will ever do this, but I currently do not think I will.

My first novel, Misunderstood, has been categorized as literary fiction.  I would add that it is philosophical literary fiction with a supernatural twist, being not quite sure it has enough supernatural inference to be considered something outside literary fiction alone.  The supernatural creatures in the novel have a role to play, but the book is primarily about a new adult being pulled into a world of interspecies conflict through no complete fault of his own.

Sometimes life is like that, the best of intentions of youth don’t always lead to anticipated outcomes as we age.  A new generation’s ideology may not be that of the one that came before, yet all people, regardless of age, have to find a way to live together or risk destroying everything.  This is the foundation of the series Misunderstood resides within.

When I see geese fly overhead, whether headed south or north, I now think about the characters in my series.  What will they see along their travels?  Will what they are looking for be there when they arrive at their destination?  Will there be food or famine?

I can’t say that every detail for the series is planned at this moment, and more often than not, what I plan to write isn’t always the way it works out in the end.  What I can say is we should always set a destination, but don’t forget to enjoy the flight.