Under Construction


This week a new room was added to the cabin, and a sunroom is currently under construction to replace a screened-in porch at the main house. Oddly or perhaps, not so oddly, I found myself using words like “editing” and "rewriting" to describe the remodeling process. Strangely, this is what it seemed like to me.

Remodeling is more like writing an addendum to a novel or like a novella that might add a little more to a series. The currently titled novella, The Journey of Pyne, was like that for me. It was in effect a remodeled room to what is now titled, The Wayward Saint Series.

Pyne was a character that my brain wouldn’t let go of in the first novel, Misunderstood. Giving the character his own book was like remodeling a room in the first novel. The room/character were already there, it/he only needed to be expanded and redesigned a bit.

When I thought of a series like building a house, I found it to be important to leave room for expansion when writing the first book. Make sure you leave room to add rooms, and be sure the structure is sound enough to add stories to your overall story. Also, consider a basement when first constructing. The basement is like the backstory of your series. Fill it with a few storage boxes here and there, but don’t forget to do some spring cleaning from time to time. Depending on genre, it may be okay to let the cobwebs grow a little; just don’t forget what you put down there.  As a final note on basements, keep the sump pump active.  Never, ever, ever let water flood your basement, unless of course that is the way your story ends.

Adding new rooms can be challenging on uneven cement and one coat of paint is never enough to protect new wood from the outside elements. Then there is the question of what to do with the old wood that is warped and rotted and full of bent nails. Remodels like rewrites can be arduous processes.