Do Good Anyway

Most of the grass in the fields has turned brown. The ponds are losing water again due to the hundred plus degree temps, and some trees are dying. Some of the leaves on the vegetable plants are starting to change color. Though the tomatoes flower, they bear little.

The water pump in the pond isn’t working this morning; Frosty is limping around; the birds seem to have disappeared. A family member has a broken bone and the local lakes are drying up.

On the flip side of doom and gloom, the honey bees have returned. The early mornings are nice and cool. The house and cabin received new roofs. Expansion plans are in the works for the two residences.

In the distance, buzzards ride a thermal air current and could care less about the problems of others. Round and round they climb, higher and higher into the sky. What doves remain fly erratically, trying to outsmart a hunter’s aim. A dragonfly whips by my view and a praying mantis climbs up the front porch rocking chair.

I think sometimes the world can seem quite negative. Too much negativity can alter our perceptions about our lives, our dreams, and our attitudes toward one another. I believe it to be true that too many negative thoughts can breed negative things. But what do you do, when no matter what you try, the world seems against you?

Do good anyway, and never be afraid to ask for help.