Frosty's Deer Encounter


Frosty the dog had an interesting encounter with a small deer this week. He has always enjoyed chasing critters that don't chase him back, and a half-grown deer seemed to be the perfect target.

We were on a morning walk when a deer crossed the road ahead of us and Frosty set in for the chase. The deer promptly ran for cover in a group of trees, far outpacing old Frosty's step. He was returning from the pasture to the road about fifty yards ahead of me when three large doe darted across the pasture from the woods, running across the road perhaps a hundred yards from us. Frosty and I both were captivated by this, as they jumped a fence and disappeared over a hill. I guess Frosty knew they were too fast for him because he seemed content to simply watch the three deer, never noticing the small deer that he originally chased was now prancing up behind him in a sneaky fashion.

I've seem some amazing behavior out of the animals over the years here but what happened next took me by surprise. You see that small deer had a bit of a comedic side to it, actually sneaking up behind Frosty and nearly kissing him on the rear end before running off to catch up with the others. I was dumbfounded.

Frosty turned and look at me as if to say, "Did you see that?" All I could do was shake my head in disbelief and laugh. Several years ago a guide at the Chickasaw Cultural Center told me there was a time when people and all the animals got along like that, but I could never have imaged a deer pulling a stunt like that with old Frosty.

I guess it shouldn't surprise me as the cattle bring new calves around to touch noses with Frosty sometimes. Now there is a picture I would love to take!

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