Old Hoot Owl


An old hoot owl sits in the trees just outside the cabin on this morning, just before sunrise. Every fifteen seconds or so he hoots again. The mornings are now cool enough to leave the air conditioner off and enjoy the silence with a cup of tea. When the refrigerator motor isn’t running the only inside sound is the second hand of an old analog clock. I am used to hearing the owls move through on their migrations in mid to late October. This one outside the cabin windows seems a bit early this year. In any case I really enjoy listening to them.

I did a little fishing last week. The ponds are so low, the catfish so very skinny. We are in great need of lots and lots of rain to help the land, the ponds, and the fish. I can't remember the last time the ponds were completely full for most of the year.

It is that time of year when I start to think about preparing for Thanksgiving. There is yard work to be done, purchases to be made, and invitations to send. It is also that time of year for Fall cleaning (as opposed to Spring) and making sure everyone will have a place to sleep come Thanksgiving week as we tend to celebrate for more than a day.

Well, the sun is rising and I suppose I need to get things ready for family visiting this weekend. Sounds like the old owl has either moved on or retired for the night. Besides, I’ve finished my cup of tea and old Frosty dog is barking outside, telling me it's time for a walk.