Anything To Eat?

Birds fly in a massive swarm in the distance and puddles of water dry as quickly as they form. The earth here is thirsty and I wonder how hungry those birds are. Perhaps as hungry as the lone roadrunner that has been peeking in my window over the last few days.

Eventually that massive swarm of birds amass across the lawn, the field, and scatter themselves throughout the trees. The roadrunner disappears and I don’t blame him. It sounds like a city zoo outside.

I don’t know what those utilitarian birds eat, but it must be everything in sight. I first noticed them here about a decade ago, numbering in the hundreds. I think this year they number in the tens of thousands. When a few of these birds take flight, they all do, in waves that make the sound of multiple whirlwinds. Leaves dance off the surface of the ground in the wake of their wings and acorns roll around as sticks fall from the trees.

I wonder what is to become of the lone roadrunner who was minding his own business. Did they leave him anything to eat?