Open The Floodgates, Break The Dam


The winds howled through the night as Christmas Day came to an end here on the ranch. With a much too full stomach, I decided to retire not long after sundown, only to wake in the middle of the night with my brain yelling, “What about the blog post!!!”

Some weeks are like that, I wait until the last minute to write after pondering ideas all week. Sometimes ideas flow; sometimes they get caught up behind some dam of inability.

Then a coyote howls, or the birds sing, or some distant tractor starts up somewhere. Maybe a plane flies overhead. It could be something as small as an ant walking along the ground, the shudder of a blade of grass in the wind or a drop of rain falling into a puddle of water temporarily suspended upon the surface of what is otherwise very dry ground.

Sometimes the break in the dam begins with a memory, or reaction to something someone has written or said. Every now and then, it comes from a collision of some particle I don’t quite understand within the neurons of my brain and occasionally the waters pierce the gates by way of a melody or sound I have never heard before.

Writing is a practice at this stage of my life, but it is also a perceptive year-round Christmas with a deeper meaning than all the presents, that comes tumbling through when the dam breaks. Writing is a set of interconnected observations and experiences that I hope ultimately lead to some transmutable and transmissible light of understanding about the world.

I am not always as successful in this endeavor as I wish to be, but as with any challenge in life, failure should never keep one from trying to get something right.

Enjoy the holidays if you celebrate them, and if not, enjoy life as much as possible. I’ll be back next Friday with another post.