Updates From The Ranch


The winds of March have come a little early as the sky turned red and dust entered the open windows on Thursday, February 20th, 2014. Earlier in the day it was difficult to see a half-mile. 

Tree frogs have been making their presence known over the last week and the geese can't seem to decide whether to go north or stay a bit longer. Most seem to be staying a bit longer.

The old cabin has developed a few new creaks as the high winds press against the outside shell. The rose bushes are starting to leaf out and tree trimming is underway. Soon it will be time to clean out the vineyard and see how many vines have been lost to the extremely cold nights we had this year.

I burned through nearly two cords of wood keeping the cabin warm this winter, much more than usual. As far as Frosty the dog goes, well, he seems to be aging rather rapidly these days but still manages to get around just fine.

After vehicle repairs and bad weather, I am finally getting back on track regarding publication. Should be only a matter of a few months now; will know more after next week.

I've already received several, "that could have been me," responses regarding my book which I hope is promising. I like to think part of what makes a good book is the number of people who can identify with some part of it.

It shouldn’t be long now before the ponds begin to warm and the fish start to bite. With two great nephews added to the family, and a novel finally published, it should be a remarkable year.