The Arrival Of Spring

IMG_1295 2.jpg

A fresh rainstorm, earlier in the week, ends with the arrival of the setting sun. Drops of water glisten in the sunlight on the tree limbs making them look like they are coated in ice. Clouds move east and the color blue reclaims its stake in the sky once again. Around the base of the winter-browned grass, hints of greenery, and the buds on the trees are finally threatening to break. Spring has arrived.

Two swallows playfully dance in the air, the first in their family to return. At sunrise the turkey gobble and the armadillos dig for something to eat, while the possums return from a night's feast. It won't be long now before the mosquitoes swarm and the gnats hatch.

My father used to say that when the gnats bite and the red wing blackbirds sing, the crappie are biting. I've already caught my first catfish of the year and look forward to restocking at least one pond with fish. Hopefully the rains will fall regularly this year.

The final few months are counting down to my ebook release. I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to make a book and still have a lot to learn. There is definitely a massive difference between a manuscript versus a book (as in the completed product). Hopefully all will go well.