The Last Of The Cold Winds

The bird feeders rock to and fro as the last of the seasonally cold winds blow from the north. Shadows cast by the sun creep eerily across the ground as the cardinals delight in the seed dropping from the feeders. Brown leaves remain in bunches and where once they protected new plants from frost, now the new growth struggles to get to the Spring sunlight.

The last of the good mandarin oranges sit in a basket atop the dining table. I think the grocery stores are trying to extend the popularity of this food item, despite the changing season. I exist in my cabin at the moment to read, write, and enjoy past episodes of The Newsroom (a show I highly recommend, at least what I have seen thus far).

The oaks are weeks behind leafing out, as are the grapevines. Lucky for me, as I was a little behind on pruning them. I’ve changed the oil in the lawnmower and now wait for the grass to grow.

Alongside chores on the ranch, I am learning about the business end of self-publishing; there is so much to know but I am getting there.

Turkey season is also upon us and I am looking forward to calling a gobbler or two. I’ve already seen several around the feeder and running down the fencerow. Frosty the dog has been keeping an eye on them as well, which could present a problem. The dog and I have had several disagreements over the years about who has a right to what. Sometimes I win the battle, but most of the time I lose.

Well, daylight is burning, so I better go. Enjoy your week and I will see you next Friday.