What Is Your Future?

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Sometimes I lose direction. In my experience, humans forget far easier than I sometimes wish we did. Perhaps it is a necessary attribute of our brains that we have limited throughput to our memories. Maybe because of this we must filter the vast amount of information we produce every day into a form that is understandable. Is it that the limitations of the pathways within our brains signal the peak of what we are capable of? And if so, how do we filter the correct information so that our future is always bright?

You would think that descending from a culture of near-unlimited resources/nutrients might have evolved the pathways in our brains to handle more real-time data, but I guess evolution doesn't work like that; culture doesn't either. I remember last year thinking that meteor over Russia would become a wakeup call to everyone on the planet within reach of the news story. But I think all it did was cause more people to purchase cameras for popularly streaming silly things across the Internet as opposed to investing in planetary defense research.

The problem isn’t what we are using; it isn't the medium; it is how we are using it and that probably stems from the popularity of a perception that this is the peak of the Westernized world.

I can see how descending from a culture of near-unlimited resources and the constantly shifting political will-power to richer areas through time until there was no place to go could produce the popularity of silliness. The culture I grew up within, after-all, did begin in the Fertile Crescent and  spread out to become a leader within the Western world today. But what are we doing with all that inheritance? What will we do as weather patterns continue to shift globally, as breadbaskets dry up and there is no fertile land conquerable? Will we Americans empire ourselves to death, or will we spend our last hours seeing who can make the silliest videos go viral?

Survival on most of this planet was harsh 10,000 years ago. Due to limited throughput in the pathways of our brains it is difficult to keep this in mind from day to day, even though it is taught in classrooms around the planet year in and year out.  Our environment has been relatively stable for so long now (in terms of human survivability) that I can't help but wonder if we have forgotten that it won't always be this way. I wonder if the dinosaurs thought the planet was made just for them during their time.  Perhaps they did, until a large meteor struck just off what today we call the Yucatan Peninsula. Seems rather egotistical to believe that Earth is just for us humans based on all the critters that have lived and died here.

There will come a day, when the ice will increase or completely melt; and perhaps as some texts say, a day when there will be no water visible at all. Some say we began to enter the change a decade ago. I really don't know, but suspect it is always the beginning and the end of something.

Maybe all those cells that currently define life to us are really working together to keep the ecosystem on the planet in balance for the living. But what do I know? I think I have just maxed the throughput of my brain and forgot where I was headed.