Frosty's Run Is Now Available


Squirrel on the bird feeder! Squirrel on the bird feeder! Squirrel on the bird feeder! It is very difficult to contain a dog who has spotted a squirrel in his territory.

Frosty the dog makes his daily round, chasing the squirrels off the bird feeders, running the armadillos out of the yard, and sniffing for new scents. Thunder signals a building storm and Frosty changes his mind about chasing squirrels. Instead he demands to be let inside the living room where he curls up beside the couch, decides it isn't safe enough, and so moves behind the chair I am in.

This week sees the release of Frosty's Run, a picture book I wrote for the children in the family some years ago. It is now an enhanced multi-touch eBook available on Apple's iBookstore. It took a little while to program it for the iPad, but Frosty seems quite satisfied with the result and I have to admit, I am happy with it, too. The eBook is listed for preK and kindergarten, but I think any child up to about 8 years old will enjoy it.

Frosty is a bit older these days compared to when the book was first taking shape. Though he still enjoys making a morning run around the ranch, he doesn't go quite as often. Frosty also likes to run to the mailbox after the mail has arrived. It is about a half mile round trip to the mailbox, far shorter than the mile and a half Frosty once ran on a daily basis and that doesn't count swimming in multiple ponds.

Frosty enjoys life here, and so have friends, family and myself over the years. Hunting, fishing, looking for critters at night with the kids from the truck or looking at stars, planets, and satellites passing overhead when the atmosphere cooperates. Holidays, birthdays, Spring Breaks, and the occasional vacation; Frosty enjoys it all.

He is getting a bit tired in his old age so he sleeps a little more than he once least until he notices a squirrel out on the bird feeder again.