The Arrival

Usually I associate "The Arrival" with some movie about aliens. But today that label means something entirely different. After decades, a hobby that became a dream finally became a reality. The first edition of my novel, Misunderstood, in eBook format and exclusively available on has arrived. Expect a print edition to follow in the coming months.

As overwhelming as writing a first novel appeared to be, it is clear that this is only the beginning. This is a tale based in metaphysics and the consequences (good and bad) of the choices made among the young and the old. It is about compassion, resilience, being built up and being broken down. Mostly, however, it is simply a tale about a new adult trying to find his place in a world at the edge of intersecting destinies and inter-species politics.

As the author, I hope you get a chance to read my novel. For those that do, I thank you for your time. For those that don't, I hope you will support other authors, as it is my belief the world is much better off with books in all their forms and with the libraries that house them.