Practice, Practice, Practice


A westerly wind begins to dry out the landscape. Despite the much needed and regular rain here, it simply isn't enough to keep the ponds full or the lakes in surrounding communities from continuing to lose a lot of water. I'm beginning to think I need to add a monitor to the water well and keep track of what is happening with the underground water supply.

The animals that I have seen have been in great abundance. There are plenty of squirrels and rabbits to outsmart old Frosty's chase this year. Unfortunately that means unwanted critters like the mice and rats are also in abundance. The deer have developed a liking to the flowers and are making nightly trips into the flowerbeds of the yard. It will not be long before they start in on the vineyard.

Most of my summer work outside is done, except for mowing the yards. Almost all family members have made their summer visits. Two books have been published and the time to return to writing has arrived.

I don't find returning to writing difficult after a break, but I can see that it is going to take a little time to get back into. Words flow easily for me when practiced daily, not so much when practiced only weekly. Practice, practice, practice makes more sense than ever as I grow older and become more proficient at different things.