The Oddity


It's a cool night. Far too cool for July in North central Texas. The swallows on the front porch look confused. The rains are a welcome sight but too little too late I am afraid: unless of course El Niño reveals itself early next year and pipes in a solid downpour for the nearby cities, towns, and countrysides. 

Here on the ranch, we will hopefully survive this drought with wells sunk deep into the groundwater, but I am not so sure about the ponds and nearby lakes. Some say water supplies will last one year maybe two at the most for a nearby city, unless over 20" of rain falls in the right area and all at one time. That came close to happening on the morning of July 17th, 2014, on the heels of this unusual July cold front in some areas.

However, I must remember what is unusual to me is not necessarily unusual on scales I cannot always see. Weather is a chaotic system after all (or so I've read). What I am used to is what I have experienced and that is not even a blip in time compared to the lifetime of this planet. 

The Earth is still thawing out from events that once left half the continent covered in ice. Will our species ever see that return? I think probably so, for the axis of our planet is not fixed; it wobbles over the course of 26,000 years or so and super-volcanoes will erupt someday, whether it happens beneath Yellowstone or somewhere else, blacking out the skies and cooling things off once again on some ice-age level. That is if giant astroids don't turn into meteors crashing through the atmosphere and smashing into the Earth with a force powerful enough to create the same effect.

But for now, in my lifetime, I will enjoy these little pleasures in life -- like this cold front in July and these few mornings in the 60's during the peak of summer here in central North Texas. After all, the world shouldn't be all doom and gloom just because a strange cold front in July leaves me and the swallows confused.