This View May Change With Time


Crickets chirp and the bumblebees buzz around the flowers of the square foot beds in the early morning light. Where once grew many different vegetables, only the strawberry plants remain. The crop failures the last few years due to the high heat resulted in a turn toward growing more flowers than food crops. The bees and hummingbirds seem thankful enough.

Having now reached late July, the ranch is starting to show some signs of wear again. Though rains have come regularly enough to keep the grass mostly green, the bare spots in the fields are growing in number. Still, the place looks better than it has in years.

I am slowly slipping back into a routine of writing. There are limits to how much time I am willing to spend on selling work as opposed to creating it. It is a personal choice of balance that I think all authors have to make. At this stage in my career, I think it is more important to create material than it is to promote it. This view may change with time.