Stay Put


Something's stepping through the woods just beyond my vision. I can hear the leaves crackle and the twigs snap. Whatever it is, it isn't being very careful. Whether or not that is by intention, I do not know. I wonder whether I should move or stay put.

It is very early on this morning that I sit outside. The air conditioner hums in the background, the birds are just beginning to wake up and the screen of my tablet is far brighter than the light that is just beginning to paint the eastern horizon with its usual orange glow. The first creaks and pops from the wood and sheet metal that hold the cabin together have begun on this already warm day.

Some bug buzzes around a window, continually bouncing off it like a moth attracted to a light bulb, and an owl hoots not so far away. Even closer is an annoying mosquito that buzzes around my ear, and I worry a bit about whether this one has a virus that I should be concerned about.

In the bottom lands, a young calf calls out and, high above, a plane descends on its approach to  DFW airport. I cannot see it, but I can hear it, and with an app, I can tell the plane started out from Kansas City. For all my travels I don't think I have ever been to Kansas City. In fact the only thing I have recently experienced with the name Kansas City is a steak rub I loved but can no longer find.

I quickly remove my hat and swat at what are now multiple mosquitoes buzzing around my ears. Whatever was out in the woods seems to be scared off by this motion, as it creates a lot of noise running away. A snort tells me it was a deer. If only I had been still a few moments longer, I might have seen it. So often in life we choose to move or to give up just as things are about to get spectacular. I'll remember next time that it's best to stay put.