Lemon grass blows in the wind, extending several feet above the clay pot. Its shadow is one among many falling on the old wooden deck that is held together by rusty screws that were not supposed to rust.

It's August here on the ranch and many of the plants have grown taller than their stems are willing to support. Fresh grape juice from the Cynthiana grape vines growing in the vineyard now sits in the freezer. Soon juice from the fruit of the Mexican plum understory trees that grow natively here will be sitting alongside the grape juice. It will make a tart jelly, but still good to eat.

A cedar tree planted some years ago struggles to reach the limbs of the oak trees. The cedar did not grow easily where it was planted. Clearly not all plants are given the same resources to work with, but with a little help and care they can rise to co-exist with others and still maintain their health.

There was a time in my life where I found growing plants of all varieties a chore. Though it's still a chore, I find purpose now in helping them grow, whether it is a pot of lemon grass or a planted cedar tree. It is good to have purpose in life, but even more so to be aware of what that purpose is. Thanks to all those who made me work hard in life, especially to those who did so even when I didn't think I wanted to.