Texas Weather


It's amazing what a good old Friday afternoon nap can do for a mind needing an attitude adjustment. This has been the first fully organized work week specifically for continued edits to my latest novella since the holiday break. But, the stress of trying to do too much at once coupled to too many clouds and not enough sun most of the week, well, let's just say sometimes it's better to ease back into things. My apology for being a day late with this post, but this is North Texas I live within and sometimes my attitude can be a little like the weather here.

Sky-high, thin, white clouds skirt the sunlight trying to warm the cold earth below as I write. After a week of freezing temps and burning firewood in the wood stove, there was a thick layer of ash needing to be cleaned up inside the cabin. It took hours. But afterward, with the sun out, I opened the windows and let in some fresh air. Feels good to live in a place where the winter isn't always winter. Even the birds were singing as though it were Spring.

The air smells much cleaner outside than it did a few days before. Then there was a distinct smell like WD-40 in the air. This paralleled a smokey haze that drifted through the bottomlands most of the day.

Like the Red River Valley around me, sometimes the air, like the mind, can get a little cloudy. A little too much stress due to trying to do to much just isn't healthy, either for breathing or for vision. Thankfully, I live in Texas, where the weather always changes and vision isn't lacking, but its clarity can certainly depend upon which way the wind blows.