Lessons Learned

The New Year. Time to continue building upon what worked and to let go of what didn't. I thought I would have a print edition of Misunderstood out by now. Fortunately, a judge's opinion from a Writer's Digest competition allowed me to see that there is still some work to be done on my understanding of book presentation. (The following quote addresses the eBook version.)

"The overall design of the book [is] professional though the font choice is a bit out of line with the themes and visual presentation."

I was very satisfied with the the judge's commentary on my eBook. Highlights from the commentary included:

"In Misunderstood by Alan S. Garrett we are presented with a story that encourages us to see the world we inhabit in new ways just as we learn to examine our lives (and life itself) from differing perspectives. The title seems to this reader to be appropriate, letting the reader know the main dominating ideology that will be at work in the novel....The cover image for the book [is] striking and evocative.  There are clearly some important philosophical barriers being worn away throughout this book and the reader is challenged in many different areas."

There were some negative, though constructive, criticisms as well, primarily wrapped around the adage, "Show, don't tell." I took the criticism to mean that the judge believed I gave away too much via the dialog of my characters rather than letting key concepts transmit to the reader through the actions of the characters. Lesson learned at the end of one year, as I said, time to continue building upon what worked and let go of what didn't.

Overall I am very satisfied with the publication of Misunderstood in 2014, as well as Frosty's Run. It was a wonderful year in terms of finally publishing my first writing projects, and I am really looking forward to 2015 and the publication of a novella. If you have not had a chance to read Misunderstood, it is available on Kindle and iBooks. For young children, Frosty's Run is an interactive book available on iBooks. 

Here's to looking forward to 2015 and building upon lessons learned. Thank you for reading my posts and my eBooks.