Being Just


Beyond this tiny piece of Earth that I live upon for now, the Milky Way galaxy spins like some star-filled hurricane; a system just as beautiful as it is violent. Even as satellites capture the beauty of Hurricane Patricia from above, cameras on the ground record the devastation from within.

I’ve looked through a telescope so many times and found nothing but beauty in the night sky, but then I’ve never suffered the loss caused by some major astronomical calamity; at least not in my current form.

Down here on my place on Earth, shades of green, yellow, peach, and brown are highlighted by the damp air streaming in from the El Nino flow, the same flow that assisted the dramatically quick rise of Hurricane Patricia. Ahead of the hurricane’s remnants, over 4 inches of rain have fallen in less than 24 hours and the Fall colors are beginning to be magnificent, at least as magnificent as they can be for central North Texas.

Water drips from the trees to the ground like tears of happiness, ensuring roots will survive the winter, even as somewhere along the Mexican coast, roots are ripped from the ground.

I read last week that civility tends to crumble in areas where planet-wide El Nino impacts are worse. Crop failures, floods, and droughts stress the emotional balance of individuals as well as populations. Being level-headed can be as difficult in continual high degree humid heat as it can be during long deep freezes when the cold doesn’t ever seem to want to stop. Maintaining internal balance is more important than ever during the extremes of external change.

Being just in life isn’t about the truth of extremes. Being just is about finding the balance between the extremes. It is about being able to see the beauty that can (and often does) exist while maintaining the awareness of the realities that lie beneath, realities like hurricanes, droughts, floods, and, yes, even giant astroid planet killers or an imploding star.

But here on this tiny piece of Earth that I live upon for now, I’ll simply enjoy the wonders of Fall colors and continually search for the beauty in life.