Building Upon Foundations


I have enjoyed getting some outside work done this week, even if it is inside work I really need to be doing.

This week I've been listening to one of my grandmother's favorite musicians, Pete Fountain. As I get older I seem to gain a greater appreciation for the wisdom in its many forms that my grandparents passed on to me. I only wish I could have understood more while they were still alive. Always try your best to listen to the advice from those you love while they are still around to give it. I can't say that they will always be right, but usually what they have to tell you comes from personal experience.

We all have our paths in life. Some people choose to follow, some to lead, most will repeatedly do both at varying times. I think you have to choose what is right for you based on the best information you have available. Mistakes will no doubt be made, but I think as long as you are honest about them and willing to learn from them, someone or something will be there to help you along whatever path you take.

Enjoy your weekend and have a great next week.