Light stemming from the wood stove highlights this early morning darkness that lies behind the tablet screen. Various John Denver songs play at a low volume in the background reminding me there are adventures beyond these lands I live upon.

When I was younger, being still was difficult. Every weekend had to be filled with challenges and every week day to be reserved for earning a living. Vacations rarely meant staying home, and nights meant nightlife or heavy sleeping. These days it seems I find as much comfort staring into a fire in the wood stove on an early cold morning while in my pajamas as I ever did having a few beers sitting crosslegged at a campfire beneath the open sky.

Happiness is an important part of life. As I get older I find I am incompatible with a world that seems to be missing so much of it (at least as portrayed on a popular level). I've been encouraged by the dominating negativity in the local news to turn off the television, reject their version of reality, and replace it with my own. I prefer the many wonderful worlds and the lives there are to live through reading books while listening to music in the background. Being brought down by the failures and inconsistencies reported nightly about a world I do not understand just isn't for me. I may or may not be able to change the world alone, but it doesn't mean I have to contribute to its destruction.