It's Worth Everything


I've lived just long enough to see things like a wall that separated a nation torn down, only to observe walls going up in great number among our own communities here at home; all within a few decades of each other. I guess there will be times when it is popular to understand one another, and times when society can't seem to come to any understanding at all.

I don't know if such times are driven by the popularity of certain expressive genes within our population or whether we simply forget to think of ourselves as one super-organism trying to attain something beyond what we are as individuals. I can't imagine the number of wars that must have taken place between cells before the formation of our bodies came into being over the millions/billions of years of development. But I think there are times when something on the outside corrects our paths when we fail to stay upon whatever path we walk; and I've found it to be true for every person I have ever met.

Just as weather affects plants in the way hours of light combined with temperature variations trigger chemical processes to begin or end, something moves or hinders our development, be that something as simple or as complex as the weather affecting our emotions, wind-blown pollen triggering allergies, or some label we ascribe to the invisible. What causes our super-organism selves to go checked or unchecked is likely a mind-boggling number of interactions as complicated and profound as the trillions of cells interacting to make our individual bodies function daily. Life doesn’t simply divide itself into two factions. Life is a complicated array of diversity hopefully working toward the goal of improved survival.

Do electrons jump orbits based on attraction, or are compounds formed by conscious wars over electrons? Do golden ages among nations result by wars won or are they a result of conditional timing? Can an organism succeed without belief, and can it even begin to regulate as a super-organism through the senses? What is belief other than a desire to be something more? It's time to stop devolving our advances by wallowing in our failures and fighting over who gets to be right. History may get to choose who is right by who has won, but history does not always get to determine the future. 

My father once said to never leave a person or a place worse off for having known you. The world would be a much better place if we left things in a better state than when we found them. The goal of life, on whatever level, should not be to destroy, but to always build something better for generations to come.