Morning Thoughts For An Evening Post


I was surprised to walk out into a brisk 43 degree environment this Friday morning, about ten degrees lower than I expected to experience. The cooler air did not keep the catfish from consuming all the food I could feed them. I halfway expected to see steam drifting up from the pond but the water isn't warm enough.

Last night several turkey walked past a window here at the cabin and spent a while snapping up bugs from around the base of an old apricot tree stump before moving on. They seemed particularly interested in insects and worms beneath the drip line of the trees. There is an interesting microclimate going on within the drip line of trees that I should study someday.

I've not seen very many deer out in the daylight but can tell by the tracks along the fences they are still around. I'll never forget the day several family members and I pulled out of the cabin in a vehicle and saw a couple of deer laying on the grass and clover in the yard, not bothered at all by our presence. 

With all this flora and fauna and time, it is difficult for me to believe I ever run out of things to write about. Perhaps there are times when it becomes too easy to get lost in what one thinks is important versus what actually is important.