Making The Green Things Look Greener


A dark green trail extends across the dew-covered field where some critter has crossed before me. Our paths diverge at a corner fence post where the slightest breeze tickles the tops of last year's dead grass, but it isn't cool enough to bring a chill to my skin.

Cloudy skies keep the brightness of the sun blocked this morning, making the green things look greener than usual. Male turkeys continue to put on brilliant displays for the females just beyond the yard, and sometimes within the yard during the daylight. For the last few weeks, they have roosted in the trees just beyond the cabin.

Instead of roosters waking me, several owls continue to hoot at dusk and dawn. Their sound is strangely comforting and I don't exactly know why. One owl sometimes sits in a tree, just above the sumac and coralberry while another likes to hoot from atop an antenna tower. I wonder what it is to see as they see.

My walk continues until I cross paths with a camera-shy turtle making its way across the driveway. The turtle could not have picked a better time to make the trek, being Spring and all, but what do I know about turtles and their travels? For all I know that turtle is on some great journey of discovery. “Aren’t we all,” I think.