Between Extremes


Winds increase and storms loom as storms do this time of year. The first snake of the year has been spotted on the driveway, a rat snake that slithers into the grass as soon as it notices me. It won't be long before the copperheads make their appearance, too. 

It is interesting how the seasons come and go, affecting the flora, the fauna -- us. Somewhere there is a balance to all things, a place where the burden of extremes isn't measured by whether or not it is hot or cold or raining or sunny. A place where balance is more important than that which divides life against itself. If I had a point to writing, I hope that is it, to find the balance between extremes, a difficult task in this world, a world that is as expansive as seven plus billion free-thinking minds will let it be, and that doesn't even begin to include other species.

A scientist proclaimed a week or so ago that there were strong indications that life will be found somewhere beyond Earth by 2025. I am reminded of a movie, I think it was one of the Star Trek movies, in which a man asked what finally united all humans, and the reply was something to the effect that there was an acknowledgement of life beyond Earth (someone other than us out there).

However macro or microscopic, intelligent or simple life beyond Earth turns out to be, let's hope it will lead to a balance between the extremes.